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Subscription or management plans. Which plan suits my business?

Subscription / Management plans

AdsNet offers two core services, which are:-

  1. Campaign setup
  2. Monthly account management

Subscription fees or management fees relate to monthly or ongoing management of your Google ads account and campaign, should you want us to manage your campaigns.

Our management plans are designed to get your campaign from professional setup to delivering on your specific KPIs. This includes strategy formulation, campaign adjustments, and continual optimization.

Which plan is suitable for my business?

The most suitable plan is determined by your business goals, budget and business setup.

As such, we suggest speaking to a Consultant should you need pre-consultation help. Simply submit a ticket on our Support platform and an Expert will be allocate for you.

You can view our plans on our Campaign platform for more details.

1st Tier Plans (SMEs)

As a heads-up, our first three campaigns are specifically designed for any SME that is starting our and depending on their budget, would like to get their campaign running as soon as possible, from point A to B, at the lowest fees possible.

2nd Tier Plans (Enterprise)

Our second tier plans are designed for enterprise solutions, to get your business from point to B to C. Included in second tier plans is strategy formulation and implementation.

We also help with other strategic digital tools to enhance the performance of your campaign as it grows.

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