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Starting campaign via AdsNet Client Portal

AdsNet Client Portal

AdsNet client portal is the heart-beat and central platform for management of your Google ads campaign. On it you get updates on progress through automated workflows and you can give feedback and request changes or updates for your campaign, with the touch of a keyboard, all from the conform of your office or home.

Creating a new portal account

Our client portal allows for any business owner or agency to create a free account, by visiting our portal front end and registering for an account.

When best to create account using portal!

Our client portal, as indicated in the name, is specifically designed for “Clients”, which means a business or individual either in the process of launching campaign or has an existing campaign. As such if it is your first campaign, we suggest going though the process to make the process as seamless as possible. The process we recommend you follow if it is your first account is as below:

Recommended process

  1. Review pre-assessment checklist
  2. Submit campaign launch form
  3. Wait for portal login credentials from Technical Support

Creating an account, without submitting a campaign deployment is pretty much like “rushing to the airport without your air ticket”. The most you will get in a nice view of the airport. 🙂

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