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Quick Start Guide

Your first campaign

Our platform is designed to be very simple, with sufficient automation and a user interface that allows anyone who can operate a mobile phone, to be able to deploy their campaigns without being cumbersome or too technical.

Getting your first campaign starts with completing a conversational form or questionnaire. Our use of conversational form was deliberate, because we are moving towards AI, where forms, researches and surveys require intelligence to avoid overwhelming users.

A trip for you. In order to add a line where you need to list items, you need to press the key Shift + the key Enter at the same time, when using a laptop or PC. If you are using a mobile device or find it not easy, feel free to use a comma (,) to separate your lines.

In order to get your first campaign underway, here is the process you will go through, with most of them, you are not required to do anything. We will do all the heavy lifting for you.

  • Create or get a Google Ads account (Help is offered if needed)
  • Submit campaign form
  • Confirm your submitted details (you will be contacted for this)
  • Check and confirm the campaign design prototype (this will be submitted to you)
  • Finally confirm the account billing, user access and other integrations (you will be contacted)

Campaign checklist

In order to be able to submit your first request for a campaign deployment, you will need to have the following resources and information readily available to make it as seamless as possible. You will get this information in our pre-assessment checklist.

  • Active Google ads account (technical support offered)
  • List of services / product categories and their sub categories
  • Gmail account or Google account associated with Google ads account (technical support offered)
  • Completed website ready to serve ads / run a campaign on
  • List of target locations (technical support offered)
  • Preferred ads schedule (technical support offered)

Campaign management

In our books, when we say campaign management, we refer to the process after setup of a campaign, which involves optimization and account maintenance, both with us and your Google ads account & campaign(s).  Every campaign will get 1 month free optimization support to make sure campaign takes off as best as possible. After the 30 days, to get expert support, strategy design, detailed reporting and performance monitoring tools, you will be required to subscribe to a monthly retainer. You can get this information from our subscription page or management plans page.

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