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How to deploy your first campaign

Complete pre-assessment

Our aim with this project is to make it easy and seamless for business owners and agencies to use our platform to launch professional Google ads campaign, with minimum hustle, back and forth, with least human contact as possible.

We want you to focus on providing customer service to your new and existing clients.

With the above in mind, to get you started, here is what you will need to make this as seamless as possible.

  • List of your services or product categories
  • Sub categories of your services or product lines
  • Google Ads account (You can create one here. Its free)
  • Gmail / Email account associated with above Google ads account
  • Live website ready for to serve ads
  • List of target locations (Country, City, Suburbs)
  • Your ads schedule. (Days of the week and hours of the day)

Submit campaign deployment form

After going through the pre-assessment checklist, you will be prompted to decide if you want to proceed right away or would like to take time to make sure you have the above resources and information.

If you choose to proceed, you will be taken to our Campaign deployment page for submitting the parameters of your campaign.

NB: Please note that technical support is offered to make sure you have the above resources. Should you require such help, please submit a ticket and our Technical team will gladly assist.

Client Portal Account

There are two ways to get your campaign client portal account.

The most logical way is to submit your campaign form and our Support team will create one for you for free. The reason is that the login details you use should be the same as used in the campaign deployment form. Should the email account or other details be different, our technical team will have to create another account for you. As such try to avoid to create a new client portal account, if it is your first campaign / account.

Campaign Deployment

After submitting your campaign deployment form, our technical team will design the campaign prototype for you for your authorization.

After you have verified the details of your account and campaign, our technical team will launch your campaign into your live Google ads account.

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