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Getting started with AdsNet Client Portal

Access to AdsNet Client Portal

Access to AdsNet client portal is free for any customer or business that has submitted a new campaign request for deployment.

AdsNet client portal is designed to streamline the process of campaign creation and automate workflow, and reduce as many bottlenecks in the process of us providing professional service to our clients.

Hence the client portal is should be your central platform for getting updates on your campaign and requesting updates, new clients and changes.

Access can be granted in two ways:-

  • First, by registering for a new account on our portal, for free.
  • When we receive a Campaign launch form, you camapign (project) will be loaded on to the portal and you will be emailed access to the portal for progress monitoring or request additional information.

If it is your first time creating a new Google ads campaign with us, we suggest that you go with option 2. Allow our team to create an account for you and load your campaign details for you.

New registrations

As stated above, AdsNet client portal does allow new users to register for a new portal account, for free by visiting our client portal page.

Portal Login

To login into the client portal, you need an account, obtained either by self-registration on the portal or being registered by our Support Team when submitting a New Campaign Request.

Campaign Stages

Campaign launch and management follows a universal campaign cycle, applicable to all campaigns, be it SMEs or Enterprise accounts. The stages are subject to updates as needs and market requirements change. But these are as follows, as a guideline.

Stage 1: Preparatory
Stage 2: Design
Stage 3: Confirmation
Stage 4: Deployment
Stage 5: Account Audit
Stage 6: Optimization
Stage 7: Management

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