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Creating a Google ads account, without a campaign

Create a Google ads account

To create a new Google ads account is quite simple.

First, visit Google ads web page and click Start Now

At this stage, we believe you have an active Gmail account. If not, create Gmail account first.

When prompted, click + New Google Ads Account.

VERY IMPORTANT! At the bottom you will see “Are you a professional marketer? Switch to Expert Mode“.

Please click on the link “Are you a professional marketer? Switch to Expert Mode”

Create account without campaign

Click “Create new account

Depending on whether you already have an expert account or use an Multi-Client Centre account, you may see the page below, which prompts you to create an account without a campaign.

Click “Skip Campaign Creation”

If you close the above POP up, you will be able to see this page. Click “Create Account Without Campaign

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